Peer Mentoring Program

March 5, 2015 08:37 AM

Cathy at Empower DES, LLC and Frannie Jordan, a learning and behavior specialist out of Arlington Heights Illinois, are looking to start a Peer Mentoring program in the Chicagoland area, linking dyslexic high school juniors/seniors with likeminded middle school students.  The middle school years are difficult for many students, but the struggles for dyslexic students can make the middle school years even more overwhelming. 


Pre-teen’s failures and struggles in reading and other subjects can lead to a withdrawal of effort, loss of confidence, retreat from goals and collapse of resilience.  Dyslexics need even more effort, confidence, goal setting and resilience to succeed than the average middle school student.  Through peer mentoring, successful dyslexic high school students can provide middle school students with hope and reinvigorate their efforts.  By sharing their struggles and success stories, mentors can give mentee’s a sense of understanding of their struggles and help them regain confidence.  Introducing dyslexic, middle school students to peer mentors would foster personal relationships that create an opportunity to build self-advocacy and self-esteem.  According to Eye to Eye, “Research on risk and resilience strongly suggests that the most important factors that determine life success for adults with LD / ADHD is not IQ or academic success, but self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-determination.”


Please contact if you are interested in getting involved in our peer mentoring program.

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