Consultation Services

For parents of a child with learning disabilities, ADD, or dyslexia, the questions are numerous.  And navigating this journey is complex, with new issues and challenges emerging frequently.

Struggling with Reading? What Next?

Empower educates parents and dyslexic students in understanding dyslexia and provides each   family with a wealth of information.

Diagnosed with Dyslexia or another Learning Disability?  What next?

Empower offers parents education, tools and strategies in understanding dyslexia and finding   solutions so their child can become a confident and independent learner.



Empower educates parents on how to navigate the world of dyslexia and other learning disabilities and helps you and your child become strong advocates.  We offer assistance in the IEP (individualized education program) process, including:

  • requesting an evaluation from your child’s school
  • developing S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific.Measurable.Action Words.Realistic and Relevant.Timely.)
  • monitoring the IEP process
  • attending IEP meetings


Long Term Planning

Empower assists parents and students in:

  • anticipating and planning for new challenges, as students transition to new grades and schools.
  • assessing the support services and accommodations at school
  • understanding the student’s learning disabilities and becoming aware of his strengths.

Through this process it is Empower’s ultimate goal to provide parents with the education, tools, strategies and inspiration they need for their children to become confident and independent learners.