Cathy Haley:  Founder of Empower DES, LLC

Certified Dyslexia Advocate

My story began 7 years ago, as my 1st grade daughter continued to struggle to read.  I have spent the past 7 years researching and attending classes, seminars and workshops on dyslexia and educational laws, in order to offer my daughter an equal opportunity at succeeding in school and life, as my other children are afforded.  Many schools these days “teach” to the mainstream child and students with learning differences often get lost in the shuffle.

Through my daughter’s struggles and success stories, I have learned that every child’s story, learning style and needs are unique, and it IS possible to navigate the educational system and work cohesively with teachers and administrators in order to provide our children with learning differences (and our other children) with the strategies, tools and education to succeed in life.

We at Empower are passionate about education and ensuring that all children with dyslexia and learning differences receive a strong learning foundation and an opportunity to succeed in school and life.  It is our goal at Empower to create confident and independent learners.  Our strategy is as individual as each student.


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